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New York Trips: trips deals and cheap flights to New York
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New York Trips: trips deals and cheap flights to New York

Welcome toNew York Trips, a tourist information website. We provide all the information you need to buy your plane ticket to New York where you can found a wide choices airlines offers for any budget, and diferent sections like restaurants guides where you can found the best places to delight the New York cuisine, also informations of its main tourist attractions.

New York Trips: night view of the big apple.

The city of New York is the most populous U.S. and the second largest city in the world with approximately eight and a half million habitants, with 830 square miles of territory. This city is one of the major centers of commerce and finance in the world. Also known as The Big Apple is the headquarters of the Organization of the United Nations a major turning point in international relationships.

New York Trips: Sunset in Central Park

New York City is composed of five districts:

Bronx (find Yankee Stadium and the Bronx Zoo).
Brooklyn, the most populous district, offers beaches and unique architecture.
Manhattan, famous for its skyscrapers, Central Park, Broadway and Madison Square Garden
Queens, is the Shea Stadium and LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy.
Staten Islan, suburban district and the district is more wooded area.

New York Trips: Empire State Building, one of the highest buildings in the world.

One of the main activities in New York is tourism, with about a quarter million tourists a year, including foreign and domestic. Among the most emblematic places in New York we have the Statue of Liberty, located on the island that bears his name. New York is also famous for her purse, the sad fact of the twin towers and one of the world's tallest buildings, the Empire State.

New York Trips: visit the famous Madison Square Garden.

Another very popular attraction for tourists is the Broadway plays all represented by famous artists, we also recommend some museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A pleasant walk through Central Park whre many movies take place, the Rockefeller Center and Times Square to mention others. If you like the flora and fauna not forget to visit the Bronx Zoo and the Botanical Garden.

New York Trips: Winter in the Bronx Zoo

Now, if your are lookin for some places to do som shoppings, do not worry New York please even the most discriminating tastes just tour around Fifth Avenue and Madison two of the favorites places for tourism in New York. What is the best time of year to visit New York? Well, the weather in this city is humid continental, with constant cold fronts coming from the interior. The winters are cold in New York but due to its location along the ocean that regulates the temperature making the winters a little more pleasant compared with other cities. And the summer’s average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius. In New York Trips we provide all the tourist information you need for your trip, we invite you to visit each of our sections.


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